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Boy what a crazy year thus far. I had declared that 2009, the last year in my 20s to be amazing. Not so much thus are. I can’t complain really but I can’t say wow this year is awesome. As I sit here with yet another movie on because of having my wisdom teeth removed this past week after earlier in the year finding out I had to get glasses, go figure! What is going on, I’m getting old! That’s the answer. I am back at work tomorrow and enjoying that still not 100% but doing great, I’m someone who doesn’t like to feel a bit uncomfortable but there is lots of work to be done for the events coming up. Trips this year were going to take me around the world but for reason after reason I have been stuck here at home. Interesting stuff, perhaps next year I will see the world. Anyway, Back to movie # 12 for the weekend. If you have to get your wisdom teeth out, it’s not that bad its just not that fun!
Have a great weekend, its beautiful out and I’m missing it.


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