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Alright here goes. I think if you know me you know I love to listen to music, I like to dance. I like to be ‘Wowed’, by what I see and Michael Jackson did just that. Sadly, as I grew older the impressive Michael Jackson went away and the more Tabloid Jacko hit, That could of been his PR people or just the way we are today. A family of a family of 8 now is all over the media instead of being an example of the family or how crass we can get our lyrics so we can get on the radio, yeah gaga we aren’t feeling you. ‘We are a (the) world’ where people are famous for being famous and not their talent. So sad. Would the real God-given artist please stand up, we need some new music.

I don’t know Michael and I only go off of the pure enjoyment of a song, a video and some dance moves. I do not want to judge him. I was blown away by the amount of people who take someones word from a magazine about a guy versus the good. And what IF Michael did mess around with a kid AND Get his life right with God would he receive forgiveness of sins, yup and if you search hard enough you will see all the good Michael did that wasn’t really promoted, therefore not doing it in the name of Michael. I like that. I want to be like that. Do so much good no one can keep up but its in my nature. On Sunday at church a quote by CS Lewis was read and will be my new life moto, it went something like give so much that you aren’t able to do all the things in life you want to because you can’t afford it, and you will still find true happiness. I will say the people who know me and the ones who know better who are so quick to give their opinion of someone they don’t know and chances are we are the people that if we had a camera following us what would the world see?
So here’s to life, not judging, forgiving and being able to not see people who aren’t really what they are and to those in my life that I do know about make sure life is as it should be.

I was supposed to be able to see Michael Jackson 2 times in my life. Once at the Grammy’s in 2008 and he bailed and then the concert in London. (where I had great seats mind you) Anyway, such is life I won’t get to see the one artist I wanted to see live, but then again there is always Kanye West. Michael+Jackson


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