So I went to church camp for the first time in years this past weekend. It was a lot of fun. I really do enjoy hanging out with the young people and I really hope I can be a great example to them. Looking back I have to say I really enjoyed my High school days/ College days and my days in my 20s. I want to pass that on a Live for the moment. Carpe Diem! That is my goal this next year. To see everyone in the youth group involved and starting to act out on the gifts that the good Lord has given each and everyone of us!
Just like many camps the last night just blew us away. I loved it and was much needed. I was very much into my element again as using my gifts. We will see what the leads but I have a lot of plans in the future for it. As for what happened during camp and that special night you will have to ask a camper I don’t like to share the testimonies of others- but I am confident they are there!


We released the cd today June 30, 2009 a new band brought to True Artist. Alright, I’ll spare you the sales pitch and just share my heart.

I love my job, love the people i work with/for and really excited to be here it will be 7 years this coming October The first job out of College and haven’t moved. I really want to keep it up and a few years back we discussed continued work at True Artist but to move into a management role for a band. I searched and had a few come my way but nothing felt right. I really wanted to try to see something different, what dc talk did for me. I felt there is something with Eleventyseven. We talked about it and in October decided to sign them. Then, their record label dropped them. So what do we do now? We wondered if Gotee would be a good fit, not really they had their year planned out and they weren’t that pumped up about the band so True Artist formed a record label, “Off the square Records” With a lot of time, energy, thinking, dreaming, creating and money. The first cd is out. What happens next? I stress out so much about this because of the pressure and the responsibility to make this happen. I do know to keep trusting God in all of this, keep him in control over every situation and for the dreams to make this band work.

Why this band? I feel like the kids that I work with at youth group don’t have much music that is good, and uplifting and just flat out fun to listen to. Could this band do it? I grew up on the newsboys, dc talk, audio adrenaline. Fun songs that just were a blast to sing at the top of your lungs on youth group trips. I want to provide that for youth kids. Also, there isn’t a lot of Jesus in this album, but there is a lot of Hope and a lot of kids are searching could we reach kids who are hurting, suicidal, have crazy parents, and need a get away that could plant a seed to lead them to the cross. Yes they do and my prayer is the 3 guys and the true team can offer that!

So the band had what I call a 3 day retreat, basically it was just a time where we met and talked about problems, the past, the good, the bad, the ugly, and what can be done to make things work! I am happy to see how life takes them to a new level. I really do believe that this band has something that is missing in the music world. People want good music, music they can cruise to in their “jeep” be happy have fun and just smile. This is that band. Not to much about Jesus but I have found God in the most random music moments and artist. So I believe that God can touch all of us when needed. So they are out on the road for the next few weeks pushing the cd and making something happen. We are still pending some Japan dates and then we are going to be looking at a lot of fall dates.
I leave here in a few moments to go to youth camp. It will be the first time in YEARS I have gone to camp. I am really looking forward to it and I am excited to see lives changed, including my own. Until next time thats all I got!Eleventyalbumcover

So this past year I decided that 2009 was going to be my year! I am someone who really enjoys every moment I am in. I didn’t mind High school, college my 20s. I am 29 now and loving it. Living the life. Trying to work as hard as I can to make a MASSIVE difference in Haiti and keep that going and growing. Make a difference in the kids I spend time with at youth group. I want them to follow God and know He is there and He is hope. I want them to enjoy life as well do things, be their age. I am pumped for this year and have loved it. I have been in Nashville for 7 years and I never did CMA fest until this past week!

Boy, it was a blast. I love music and have always listened to a little country music but never really jumped in and listened. It was 3 days of a lot of fun, hanging out with the same people in my section, which was 131 and we were the section of the night on Sunday! So good stuff.

We are on the eve of having the Eleventyseven album out there What a scary thought. But we are working hard Blazing a trial connecting with a crowd how nees this music. One thing I learned at CMA and the CCM world- people want to have fun and joy in their life and I want this band to do it- and allow God to do the speaking!

My challenge to you, live! and ENJOY LIVING! Do something you have always wanted to do, trust and have faith and forget about yourself because life isn’t about you. It’s about others!

Good day!

So Blogging, I guess I’m supposed to update stuff on here and let you know about my life and what is up correct? Alright for anyone who might care to know here we go. It was a good weekend so glad it was here. Lots going on at work and I am getting to the point with all that is going on with Haiti and youth group and of course the job with Toby and the new Venture with Eleventyseven to give myself a day. To just chill out! After work on Friday I was with my friend Josh Brown from Aussie, it was good times of a much needed a chat, outside on a beautiful nashville night. Work day on SAturday with Jordan from the youth group, that was good times then I hit the concert Coldplay. I took Jason from youth group because I was blessed with the tickets and I know he would be blown away, he is a big fan. The first time I saw cold play I wasn’t really sure about them. It was at Starwood, the outdoor theater here in Nashville that has since closed down, boy did I love shows there. I was so moved that I think the standard for that show. So it had everything that needed to make this show amazing but for some reason it wasn’t working that night I was a tad bit bored. Who knows everyone really loved the show so their must of been something wrong with me, as we all know there is a lot wrong with me. 🙂 Anyway- Sunday was my day of rest, I did have to get up early and play with Christen, the most amazing worship leader in Nashville and the area, but after that it was pool time and hang out time!

Tomorrow I wake up to a new day ready for some fresh ideas on how to market this band. The model I am going after is, Connect with fans-reason to by. If I can connect with fans (and Grow the fan base) give them a reason to buy. Life will be good right?
Till next time,
Philip out-cold play from the side of the stage we were on.

Hello, Welcome to my blog! I am excited to get to write a little bit about life of Philip. Things that I am working on going through and just random thoughts. Want you to see about youth, the Haiti project, the music i ndustry and so much more. Can’t wait for you to join in on the journey. If you are someone interested in any of these I hope to get you involved in the story!
Thanks again!
Talk soon

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