My name is Philip, I am in my 20s (for a short bit longer) I’m from Indiana and yes I go for the Colts, that is what is blocked on my schedule in the fall. I moved to Tennessee the Summer after my college years at Anderson University in Indiana. I have a BA in Marketing. I was 17 when I wanted to work for a band, dc Talk after seeing them at Kings Island on July 8, 1997. I told my sister that I wanted to work with them . She encouraged the Marketing degree, stating my first job wasn’t going to be with dc talk. When I was watching a movie with my friend Suzanne, after graduating college , I got a call from Laurie Anderson,  to come down to Franklin, TN to interview with True Artist. It took several months before I got the job. However,  on October 2002 I started with my job with tobyMac and Tait. On the work front we added a few other acts and a few left. Until last year when I met a band that I was very impressed with. Eleventyseven. I started working with True Artist as the point person with that band. However that wasn’t the only reason I liked that band. The end of April 2008 I started a adventure with the Youth group at my church New River fellowship. Wow what a learning experience. It has brought both worlds together. Proving how much these kids need good songs, that bring hope to a generation that needs so much of our time. We are just about to launch eleventyseven, but my prayer is that all this was from God and we are ready to make a difference. Last year was another random adventure my mentor, Tom Giglio, challenged me to begin to lead more worship and I started leading on Sunday Morning services at New River. I’m I so nervous every time I do it still and that can go away, but if it’s what God wants I’ll do it, just adds to the story.

When I was 17 years old I went on a mission trip to Jamaica with Teen Mania. We were there or over 3 weeks. We stayed at a Christian Campus where we hung out with some of the students. One of the students was Lafleur and I hung out. We shared information and kept in touch through High school and college. Then as the internet progressed were able to e-mail, instant message and skype. I always try to keep my word and I told him I would visit him one day. In 2004 a group of single friends were thinking we should all take a vacation. Being Christians we thought about a mission trip would be more fitting. So thats when I remember my friend who at this point moved to pastor a church in Antigua and is married with a child. We went December 2004. While we are there Pastor is telling me about Haiti and all that is needed there and his dreams of starting things there. So the next year, December 2005, 6 brave friends go to the country of Haiti having no idea what to expect. As I am there I knew I had been given a lot and that I had to do something. I began to get ideas and took a trip 6 months later.  Three years later I have been there 5 times, had 7 trips go and over 50 people. We send over 1000 children to school, feed 80 children several times a week, we are building a much needed house that will have multiple uses and so much more on the list to do. I am so grateful for the people on the team. This project didn’t start easy. I was over 60,000 in debt and making 24,000 a year (before taxes) however when God says you have 2 fish and 5 loaves of bread you can give and he will make things happen. I am such a satisfied person, very excited about the future and know that more will come. 

That is a little bit about Philip a single white boy from Indiana, trying to make a difference in the life of someone else. The story is still being written and I can’t wait to see what is next.