Dear friends!

You are all amazing for being apart of my life, my facebook and twitter. I think with all of the Haiti and life updates and asking for money I have only had 10 friends take me off my list- So I guess first I apologize for being a little over the top if you are tired of hearing me go on and on, but I guess the answer is if you don’t understand get on the plane with me and in 90 minutes I’ll show you why. Someone the other day asked about Haiti, yes it is about helping people but it was about how much I could help with the little that I had.

The Good news: We are making progress! All of the asking has been successful. I can’t tell you how amazing it has been to see so many people I have never met go down to this project. Now the overwhelming part of so many people fired up to help, funnel their ideas and keep moving forward. This is when things get exciting something I have waited over 4 years for.

We have put in a water filtration system that is working! Trained the locals to work this and keep providing healthy water for the community. A group trained many to help in the health field to help out those in need of medical help. As well as having team members spend months at a time down there. The house is getting done on the inside as we speak, 2 properties of land have been bought buildings will go up to start an orphanage, a school and a feeding center. This will help in allowing us to feed more children as well as provide jobs for those working in the kitchen staff.

Speaking of the food program when I was there in March there was 4 tables on 1 side of the center for feeding. I have recently seen photos from the teams that went down in April both sides of the center packed, with children eating outside!

Just a small update of some of the stuff going on to let you know what you have given is making an impact, and I think at this point I won’t even know all the things that are going on. Thanks for giving; feeding, sending, praying and so much more you have done so much for this project.

I do want to let you know and ask again for any help you can give. I will be going in June and will be taking some youth students with me. This is huge for me because I was 17 when the relationship was built that started this whole project.

Would you be willing to help me out in going and having some extra funds for projects down there, paint, building supplies and even food for the children so the young people I am bringing can experience.

If you can 1 more time this year- help me out in going please do what you can.

Send your checks made out to The Conduit to Philip Peters 227 3rd Ave N Franklin, TN 37064

Thanks again for everything- Let me know if you have any other questions.