I was so excited for this year, the last year of my 20s and it was going to go out with a bang. I was going to party every day, live each day to the fullest and just go for it! It kind of seemed like everything I went for didn’t happened and the year turned out to be kind of blah. There were many high points don’t get me wrong, but as far as the year being something to be remembered not so much. I think you have years that just kind of prepare you for next and that is my hope that this year was not so much a continuation of the last.  Was looking forward to working with a band and have some unbelievable experiences with that. I was very excited to get tickets to go to another country and to see Michael Jackson perform; well you know what happened there. No trip. I was able to get a friend to go with me for a few days to Florida, which was a great relaxing moment; I get so much from being at the beach.

I believe that Haiti this year will set the course for what is to come next. So many people are involved now and really supporting the mission and vision of what has taken 4 years to form. Now we are ready to make some big waves. Having my mom go with me was great. Having family see and support what you do is very big so I was very happy to see her there and get the mission bug helping people. Her and dad were the first to sign up to sponsor a child in the program and now that project has grown and will continue to grow.

I got a jeep, something that I have wanted to have for a while. Probably not the smartest financial move since I am trying to get out of debt, I am close and this didn’t help but having the jeep has been so relaxing, taking it out on a cool summer evening was the highlight of my summer for sure.

I am working on things for 2010. Ways to have youth group explode and that when a young person that I get to be hang out with has a hard time they will know the right choice to make. The project in Haiti will not be a worry but something that many people give to help and make a part of their life. The job will take shape and even though it seemed nothing went on this year, something will go on next year and it will be an unexpected surprise for me.

So as I sit on 2009 and reflect the people that have come and gone, have pour into stuff, shared laughs and so much with I prepare to say goodbye to the 20s and welcome the 30s. I take it as preparation for the next chapter.

The scripture says to write out the vision and make it plain and run with that vision. The second part is very key, for in due season it will be fulfilled. I have a lot of vision in my life that I want to see fulfilled and I am holding out hope that the due season is just around the corner. I am ready to enjoy life and have it to the fullest!