Are you ready for it? Do you need it? I have said that often and even this year I was like my last year in my 20’s is going to be AMAZING! So much new, so much fun can’t wait; well I would say this year was a few steps above a dud. Nothing new really, much has been planned but nothing earth shaking. My message though is this, what a lesson to be learned. When you are ready to see the ocean and God leads you to the creek bed, get ready because that creek is going to lead to something huge and just wait there is going to come a day when you can’t cross that little creek anymore. My goals, are to learn to lead- work with leaders-volunteers-people who want to serve, train them up and get super organized because there are 2 more months till I turn 30, and when that happens there is no turning back-Bigger and better and IT will happen!